"When bidding on a project we perform a 360 degree mapping of the requirements and demand for an individual project together with the customer and evaluate how this match up with our values and business model. A detailed and professional ongoing evaluation of a given project lets us get build a solid business case towards our investors."

"We are privileged to be close to customers, who have a detailed understanding of their commodity both technically and commercially. With our mindset, material knowhow and production expertise we help drive the project from idea to production to continuous improvement."

"Behind the green CO2-related arguments of developing wind as a strong renewable alternative to fossil fuels, we are very much aware that wind needs to improve on cost of energy. We believe in helping the industry to achieve this, while at the same time do our utmost to reduce emissions of hazardous materials from our productions."


Our CMS - Composite Manufacturing Services - concept has proven to be highly reliable and competitive.

The first partnership contract concerning engineering and prototyping of a new design of nacelle housing and nose cones and establishment of a local serial manufacturing facility, has already been secured.
New Composites is established with a Group Function with a Centre of Excellence located at the Head Quarter in Denmark – the ”Wind Valley of the World”.
Strategic manufacturing units are established in close proximity to the final place of delivery in close partnership with the end customer to ensure flexibility, reliable deliveries and total cost competitiveness.


group function, centre of excellence, manufacturing unit.

Competitive Advantage

Our value proposition gives our customers the competitive edge based on:
  • Close proximity from place of manufacturing to place of final assembly
  • Short reaction speed with composite service team on site 24/7
  • Very limited transportation cost
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Reduced quality cost
  • Most competitive total cost solution.
Lowest total cost
Søren Frichs vej 40A
8230 Åbyhøj, Denmark